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Title:The Republic
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Author:Plato, Benjamin Jowett
Publisher:Vintage Books 128
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Category:Philosophy, Classics, Non fiction, Politics, History

The Republic by Plato, Benjamin Jowett

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Toward the end of the astonishing period of Athenian creativity that furnished Western civilization with the greater part of its intellectual artistic and political wealth Plato wrote i The Republic i his discussion of the nature and meaning of justice and of the ideal state and its ruler All subsequent European thinking about these subjects owes its character directly or indirectly to this most famous and most accessible of the Platonic dialogues Although he describes a society that looks to some like the ideal human community and to others like a totalitarian nightmare in the course of his description Plato raises enduringly relevant questions about politics art education and the general conduct of life .

Translated by A D Lindsay .

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